About - Santhosh Krishnamoorthy
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About Me

I am Santhosh Krishnmaoorthy. I am a wildlife & nature photographer from Bangalore, India. Over the past decade, I have been traveling, exploring and photographing in some of the wonderful and highly diverse habitats of the Indian Subcontinent from the high Himalayas to the evergreen Western Ghats, from the salt pans of Kutch to the rich and verdant North East. I have traveled and experienced the vast, never-ending grasslands of the Serengeti, the Masai Mara and the beautiful, unique eco-system of Ngorongoro among many other wonderful parks of East Africa as well. Through my travels, I have been fortunate enough to photograph some of the most amazing diversity of wildlife and natural landscapes across the region, along with capturing some wonderful moments of natural history.  I share my experiences, learning and images here.


Awards & Publications

My images and photo stories have been published in many reputed print and digital magazines such as Sanctuary Asia, Chiiz, Nature inFocus and JLR Explore. I have won a Honourable Mention in the prestigious Nature’s Best Photography – Asia Awards 2018, a Special Mention in the Sanctuary Asia Awards 2017 and a Special Mention in the Nature inFocus Awards 2015. My images have been displayed in many exhibitions across India. My personal blog here is listed among the top 100 Nature blogs in the world.


Photography Tours & Workshops

Through my organisation, Birdwing, I have mentored and continue mentoring many budding and amateur naturalists and nature photographers. Main focus is on giving an experiential travel and photography learning, wherein, natural history and photography play hand-in-hand. I strongly believe in the fact that knowing what one is photographing is as important as making a good image of the same.